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Whether you're looking to buy into your first backcountry setup, or are merely looking for a lift-served binding that will allow a bit of skinning for exercise, the Marker Tour F10 Large Alpine Touring Ski Bindings provide all that and more.
Featuring a 3-10 DIN range and a secure, lightweight Hollow Linkage Heel, you'll forget that you've got a touring plate running underneath your feet. And when you do switch over to tour mode - via a simple and secure hinge under the binding - you'll be dancing past everyone on the skin track. Lightweight frame touring is coupled with downhill performance in the F10 Tour, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

Gliding AFD - all Marker bindings are equipped with a moveable AFD (Anti Friction Device), allowing a precise release unhindered by dirt, snow, and ice buildup. The type of AFD is matched to the skier type, ensuring perfect functionality from racing to junior and even alpine touring.
Triple Pivot Light Toe - compact design features a horizontally-oriented spring. The Triple Pivot Light toe offers a unique combination of light weight and solid power transmission.

Heel: Hollow Linkage Heel
The Hollow Linkage Heel features a hollow horizontal axle that saves weight and maximizes power transmission, creating a light weight product with phenomenal power transmission.

Tour Mode:
Backcountry Comfort - the patented, ergonomically shaped lever under the boot allows comfortable opening and closing. The position prevents the binding from unwanted release and provides unparalleled security against an undesired "telemark" situation.
Climbing Aid - the titanium climbing aid offers 0°, 7° and 13° climbing positions which can easily be accessed with the ski pole, even in an unstable standing position. Integrated elastomer pads dampen impacts, reducing the irritating traditional “clack” and allow more comfortable hiking.
Touring Base Plate - the wide frame construction is secured at several positions, perfectly distributing the pressure for unparalleled skiing performance. 2 sizes are available for optimum size range and stocking efficiency.
Touring Balance - switching the lever to touring mode moves the whole binding 40mm backward, allowing a more comfortable walking position and keeping the ski optimally balanced for kick turns and steep terrain.
Hollow Tech - Marker's fibre-reinforced frame base plate provides impressive riding stability and is yet very light due to the gas injected hollow construction.

Boot Compatibility:
Alpine / AT (Alpine Touring) Compatible - Compatible with Alpine (ISO 5355) and AT (ISO 9523) soled boots.

Ski Compatibility: a brake width equal to or at most 15mm wider than the ski waist width.

Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
PESO: 1998gr
DIN: 3/10

- short: botas 264 a 327mm.
- long: botas 304 a 367mm.
Anchos stopper: 90 + 110mm.

CODIGO ECO: 883295301652


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